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Art Galleries In Oakland

If you have never visited Oakland before, not is the time to do it. Also referred to as ‘’Brooklyn by the Bay’’, a lot of people have the impression that Oakland is just about food and creative energy. In fact, there is much more to Oakland than just that. Oakland is also about natural beauty, history and a big love for art. If you are ready to discover Oakland this summer and you’re a big arts lover, there are a few art galleries which you are not allowed to miss. Here are some of our recommendations:

·        For a truly enriching experience, you should put Art Murmur first on the list. This is actually a collective of art galleries which are free of charge the first Friday of every month. The movement is a big more complex than that and you can easily run into musicians, dancers or performance artists. The visit to Art Murmur can be an experience in itself, so I know that you are going to enjoy it.

·        Albany Bulb- This is something unique which you are not going to find anywhere else. This was a homeless paradise which is now turned into a combination of art gallery and hiking trail. From graffiti to sculptures, you are going to enjoy the experience from beginning to the end.

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